Celebrate Easter, Katie Holmes Upload Photo With Suri Cruise


There are so many things to do when the holiday moment comes. Moreover in order to welcome the Easter celebration some time ago. Enjoying the warmth of Easter, Katie Holmes spent her time with the princess.

Together with her beautiful daughter Suri Cruise, Katie finally decided to take a vacation to a beach located in the Miami area. That’s where they enjoy various exciting moments with their other families.

Not wanting to keep her happiness by herself, Katie decided to upload her vacation photos with Suri on Instagram. That’s where you can see clearly how the happy expression that emanated on the face of this mother and child couple.

Posing on the beach sand, Katie looked embraced the tiny body of the princess. Meanwhile, Suri seemed to lean on her beloved woman’s chest. Of course this becomes a sweet scene that is very stealing the attention.

Along with the upload of this photo, “The Giver” star also wrote a short caption that read, “My sweetie #love #beach #gratitude.” He also added emoticons love as proof of his love for the baby.

Even without Tom Cruise’s presence, Katie and Suri can still celebrate Easter moments happily. Even so, of course this time the holiday will feel more complete and fun with the presence of Tom is not it?


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