Appearance of Henry Cavill Filming ‘Mission Impossible’


After performing as a charismatic secret agent at The Man from UNCLE, Henry Cavill finally had a chance to show off his acting skills in another more ambitious and prestigious espionage movie: Mission: Impossible 6. With a still mysterious role, Cavill will compete acting with Tom Cruise who returns As Ethan Hunt.

The photo was uploaded by the director, Christopher McQuarrie in his Instagram account. There Cavill is seen posing with actor Ethan Hunt, the main star in the film.

The three men looked smiling with the Eiffel Tower’s glowing background with the lights. Cavill looks more brewok, very different from the usual appearance.

Not yet can be sure the photo was taken after or before the filming. But they are seen wearing clothes to jump.

Mostly, filming the movie seems to be done in Paris. Previously, Tom also seen melakoni chase scenes in the streets of the famous romantic city.

Behind Cruise and Cavill, can be seen the glowing Eiffel Tower. In accordance with information, Paris has become one of the filming locations Mission: Impossible 6 since last week along with London and New Zealand.

Interestingly, there is something different from the appearance of Superman actors in Christopher McQuarrie’s direction film. As seen in the latest shooting photos, Cavill looks mustache thicker than usual.

Last month, David Ellison had said if Cruise had been training hard for a year to prepare for his performance as Ethan Hunt. Just like in five other Mission: Impossible series, this 6th movie will also show a super dangerous scene by Ethan Hunt.

The film will also starring Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin and Sean Harris. Vanessa Kirby also will return to appear after the previous ‘disappear’. Meanwhile, Jeremy Renner will not return to play.



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