2 Weeks Before Married, Pippa Middleton & James Fun ‘Dating’


Soon the moment eagerly awaited by Pippa Middleton and James Matthews will arrive soon. If all goes well as planned, the couple will hold their wedding ceremony on May 20th.

Approaching his big day already in sight, of course there are so many preparations made by Pippa and James. And now one of the media cameras managed to capture their togetherness moment 2 weeks before marriage.

Thursday (5/4), they enjoy dating cried in The Snow Ball, Hurlingham Gardens. It became a rare moment of this article is the first time Pippa and James posing together officially in front of the media camera.

source : dailymail.co.uk

If usually they are always caught by the camera paparazzi, this time Pippa and James was deliberately posed together in front of the camera. It seems they are practicing before they can be matched on their wedding day.

Enjoying his mesra moment with the fiancé, Kate Middleton’s sister also looks beautiful with the clothes she wore. That day Pippa was seen appearing in a floral blue dress combined with matching heels.

Smiling toward the camera, he really looks good with the 40-year-old handsome racer. Wow, the more impatient dong ya wait for what their marriage?


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