Harry Styles Releases Solo Album, becomes Trending Topic Twitter


Harry Styles released his first solo album on Friday (5/12). The release of the solo album Harry Styles gets rave fans and becomes a Twitter trending topic.

This album contains various views, experiences, and feelings of Harry against many things that inspire him. Harry says the Sign of the Times song is inspired by many things. One is the political situation in America and Britain, including the Brexit event last year.

This solo album titled Harry Styles as the name implies. Through his first album, Harry Styles try to leave a sweet and cheerful image typical of One Direction. Just look at how Harry Styles looks bare-chested and shows his tattoo on the cover of the debut album.

Then you can also pay attention to the song genre on Harry Styles solo album. Surprisingly, Harry Styles carries rock music in his twelve solo songs including the flagship single ‘Sign of the Times’. This is different from the pop music of One Direction or Niall Horan, urban music ala Zayn Malik, and EDM a la Louis Tomlinson.

There are 10 new songs on Harry’s first solo album. In addition to Sweet Creature and Sign of the Times which have already been released as a warm-up, there’s still Meet Me in the Hall Way, Ever Since New York, Two Ghosts, Only Angel, Carolina, Kiwi, Woman, and From the Dining Table.


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