Celebrate Mother’s Day, Katie Holmes Upload Beautiful Suri Cruise Photos


Sunday (5/14) yesterday commemorated as Mother’s Day for the United States public. Of course this is a special moment that will never be missed by many people, as well as so many Hollywood celebrities.

Of the many Hollywood celebrities who are happy to welcome this special moment, there is Katie Holmes who also rejoiced. This former wife of Tom Cruise seemed to enjoy the moment of togetherness with his beloved daughter, Suri Cruise.

That’s what you can find in the latest photo postings on Instagram. The 38-year-old actress is proud to upload her beautiful little angel portrait.

When her daughter overslept, Katie seemed to kiss spoiled her beloved daughter’s elbow. Although appearing with a face without makeup, she still looks beautiful and charming just like her 11-year-old girl.

Along with the upload of this photo, he also wrote a short caption that read, “Happy Mother’s Day”. The same thing is also evident in Katie’s previous postings.

That’s where the moment when Suri look beautiful with outfit girly which has become his trademark since the baby. Well, happy Mother’s Day to Katie and all the cool mama in the world!


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