Pippa Middleton Will Marry, Who is James Matthew?


Pippa Middleton will marry with his fiancee, James Matthew on Saturday morning (5/20). The marriage will take place at St. Mark located in Englefield, Berkshire.

The wedding procession will begin at 11:30 local time. Not many guests were invited to the special event, as it was known there were only 130 special invitations to arrive at the church to watch them bind sacred promises.

So, who is James Matthew? He is the financial manager who comes from Chelsea. Aged 41, James is 8 years older than Pippa. James is also the chief executive of the capital management group he founded in 2001.

Both of them actually had dating in 2012 ago, but broke up. In 2015, they met and decided to re-establish relationships before finally deciding to get married.

James proposed to Pippa when they were traveling to the Lake District in June 2016. After becoming a friend for about 10 years, and dating for a year, Pippa finally accepted James’s proposal.

James proposed Pippa with a luxurious octagonal ring with a 3 carat diamond. This ring was bought from London’s leading jeweler, Robinson Pelham.

Robinson Pelham is already a subscription Middleton family, even jewelry crafters have ever provided the earrings used Kate Middleton on her wedding day. Diamond experts say if the ring is worth between 150K to 250K USD.

Pippa wedding dress design was recently revealed to the media. One source of Giles Deacon’s successful team (Pippa wedding dress designer) delivered the details.

“(Design her own wedding dress) is very simple, elegant, and all made handmade,” said the source. It is also estimated that if Kate’s personal hair stylist, Amanda Cook Tucker will take care of Pippa and make her hair more amazing.

According to wedding experts, the cost spent on this marriage is about 350K USD. Some of them include catering costs of 100K USD, Pippa dresses for 12.5K USD, and videography using drones that run out at 5K USD. Happy wedding Pippa!



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