How Much Wedding Cost Pippa Middleton & James Matthews?


Pippa Middleton and James Mattews officially became a married couple on Saturday (5/20) yesterday. They made a sacred promise at a local church, and then held a reception at Pippa’s parents home a short distance away from the church.

In the event, Pippa and James seemed to really spoil the guests. Moreover there are some important people of the United Kingdom who enliven events such as Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice, and of course Kate Middleton.

So do not be surprised if Pippa and James willing to spend enough money for his wedding. Launched from the Mirror page, couples who already know each other in 2007 is costing around 1 million pounds. But luckily, Pippa and James got a lot of discounts.

“They can be discounted and even given some goods, but overall it costs nearly 1 million pounds if they have to pay for everything,” said one source.

After getting discounts and gifts from his friends, Pippa and James reportedly cost 30% lower, or about 700 thousand pounds. But again, the cost is only an estimate and has not been confirmed directly.

As previously discussed, the largest cost is thought to have come from glass tents imported directly from Belgium. Then, decorations, expensive food including caviar, and high quality champagne also cost not a bit.


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