The Mummy Day Present Body Storage Place weighs 75 Tons


The Mummy 2017 is about to be released. In general, a movie, The Mummy is also a unique promotional apat before it is released worldwide. Universal Pictures as a movie production house starring Tom Cruise is also held a series of events that are named The Mummy Day on Saturday (5/20).

Movie lovers and archaeologists may be treated to a large 75-foot sarcophagus with a foot of 28 feet and a weight of 75 tons located in Hollywood & Highland, Los Angeles. Workers need eight weeks to design as well as 160 hours to install it. Not only to carry the elements of construction materials required 18 trailer trucks. The sarcophagus in the film is told as belonging to Princess Ahmanet.

The Mummy Day also features The Mummy Zero Gravity Stunt VR Experience attraction that invites visitors to see behind the scenes when Tom demonstrates Zero G action scenes that appear in the movie. This attraction can take place using Positron’s Voyager platform, with software and techniques already modified and guided by a 360 degree motion movement with 3D audio and haptic integration. This new technology allows visitors to experience the sensations that they could only see in movies.

There’s also The Mummy Escape Game. Visitors must complete the puzzle to save the life of the ancient Princess Ahmanet who woke up in this era. Ahmanet’s greed is up in the present era and the players have to endure. This game uses a layered room and is played by ten people who are given 60 minutes to complete.

“The Mummy Day is the way Universal and RealD invite guests to celebrate the worldwide release of our films in a few weeks that will unexpectedly happen,” said Nick Carpou, a Universal distribution predident. THE MUMMY will start on 9 June.


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