Harley Quinn Will Be Performed in Final Gotham Season 3


The producer’s plans and the predictions of some Gotham stars about the coming of Harley Quinn at the end of season 3 will soon come true. The super-central villain will certainly perform in the final episode of Gotham for the 3rd season.

The Gotham season 3 series that will enter the final episodes seems to be preparing to surprise viewers. This surprise is the appearance of Harley Quinn in the last two episodes of Gotham Season 3.

This popular series somewhat deviates from sources pertaining to the characters and stories of the original comics, including the story of Bruce Wayne still too young to be Batman and some of the characters who have established themselves as the most famous Gotham villains so far. Apparently the aberration is not finished yet, because the producers still intend to add more characters, including the character of the villain.

In 2016, executive producers Ken Woodruff and John Stephens have announced their plans to introduce the Harley Quinn character or at least, a version of the Joker character Jerome Valeska in the third season of the series.

Even Gotham star David Mazouz who plays Bruce Wayne in the popular Fox series has previously told some media that Harley Quinn will be present at the end of season Gotham season 3 later. And now they, especially Fox parties themselves have confirmed that Harley Quinn will certainly join Gotham season 3, exactly on the final episode next week.

Who will play Harley Quinn? Logically, the right choice is Barbara Kean aka Erin Richards, where her personality and relationship with Jerome’s character is the strongest reason she can play Harley Quinn, not to mention her evolution in the criminal world.

The use of Harley Quinn character in the final Gotham season 3 has been approved by Warner Bros. And DC Entertainment as the owner of the Batman serial patent. So what would Fox Television bring to the evil character Harley Quinn in the final two episodes of the Gotham season 3 series? Let’s just watch the episode titled ‘Destiny Calling’ and ‘Heavydirtysoul’ on next Monday only on FOX Channel!



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