M. Night Shyamalan is Preparing “Glass” Sequels from Split Movies


M. Night Shyamalan has experienced ups and downs in his career as a director. Of course his career is now at the top, remembering his last film Split get a very big success, though Split is one of the movies with a low budget. Even though this film has a low budget, thanks to the genius of Shyamalan, Split managed to gain huge profits by $276 million worldwide.

Shyamalan made the last scene from Split connected with another Shyamalan movie that is Unbreakable (2000). The two films will be one in his new film titled “Glass”. Shyamalan has been writing stories for this film over the past few month.

In his Twitter account, Shyamalan notified that he had finished making the second draft of the Glass film and would soon make the third draft.

Shyamalan geniously made 2 films that has 17 years distance into a movie that has a similar timeline. Unbreakable played by Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson. Samuel L Jackson who plays the character of Elijah Price / Mr. Glass will be the opposite of James McAvoy (Kevin Crumb), a man who has many personalities and carried out a series of kidnappings to satisfy his ego.

Glass itself will still starring by Taylor – Joy, just like the previous movie. This film is predicted consuming more production funds than previous films. Shyamalan was successful to make us curious about the twist in the movie. But unfortunately, we can only able to watch Glass in upcoming 2019.


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