Solo Aquaman Sets Happen After the Justice League


Charles Rover confirmed in his recent interview with CinemaBlend, that Aquaman’s appearance in his solo movie will be a continuation of the story from the Justice League. It’s a bit informed that Jason Momoa’s debut will be fully explained in the Justice League film which will be released in November. Until now, the information for the production process of Aquaman film in Australia has been widely seen on the internet. Includes images of Arthur (Momoa) along with Mera (Amber Heard) who became their picture together for the first time. Aquaman’s first appearance was revealed through a short video file seen by Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) in Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice. The video file is sent by Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) to show Bruce if not only Superman who has super powers.

Executive producer, Charles Roven praised this project which being undertaken by James Wan, because he had an understanding of Arthur’s story (in the Justice League) before his solo movie. Rover also punished that they will build a cohesive cinematic universe. This will be a perfect film during the absence of conflict during this project.

James Wan must know where he is going with (Aquaman), and the movie happens where the Justice League is located, so that’s where we have the ability to improvise stories that already exist in the previous comics. We can make the movie that happens after the Justice League, we can also make the story after Batman V Superman, but you can not make this story in the middle between Batman V Superman and the Justice League.

It’s hard to predict how Warner Bros took Aquaman’s movie without a definite synopsis, but with the remarks made by Roven, it seems that what Aquaman’s doing in the Justice League will have a big impact on his solo movie.

In the first release trailer of the Justice League, it seems Arthur (Auqman) looks to have a loner, isolated, and irritable. But also can be assumed, at the end of this combined film, Aquaman enters and can work with Wonder Woman (Flash Gadot), Flash (Ezra Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and Superman (Henry Cavill) who set aside their differences provide the initial concept for the solo debut of Aquaman.


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