Gabriel Luna Want Norman Reedus Become a Ghost Rider in Agents of SHIELD


Gabriel Luna recently expressed his hope to see one of The Walking Dead actors, Norman Reedus playing as Ghost Rider.

One Star of the Marvel series, Agents of SHIELD, Gabrile Luna wants one of the stars of The Walking Dead, namely Norman Reedus playing as Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider. It was stated by Luna himself in the show Comic-con show recently.

Gabriel Luna debuted as Robbie Reyes, the fifth character to carry the Ghost Rider name in the Marvel Universe, on the fourth season of Agents of SHIELD series that has just ended. He played an integral role in securing Darkhold as well as to defeat Aida aka Madame Hydra, in the real world.

Previously, Columbia Pictures (a division of Sony Pictures) holds the rights to Ghost Rider characters and has even released two films starring Nicolas Cage as anti-hero eponymous, Ghost Rider (2007) and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012 ).

But unfortunately, the films were less successful and did not hits in the American box office. But fortunately, they managed to make a profit at the world box office from patent to Marvel.

And now Ghost Rider characters are introduced in the Agents of Shield season 4 series through Robbie Reyes characters that appear to be the next Ghost Rider on episode 6 ago. He gained the power of the previous Ghost Rider, which was visible on the screen.

But apparently the figure seen on the screen as the previous Ghost Rider is thought to be Johnny Blaze, who is described as a good Samaritan on episode 6. This estimate has not been confirmed directly by the production house.

If the character will be played regularly later, then Gabriel Luna wants to see the star of The Walking Dead ‘Norman Reedus’ appear to fill the role of Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider it. He considered that it would be very suitable and interesting to see Norman Reedus appear as Johnny Blaze in the series Agents of SHIELD next season. Will the wishes of actor Gabriel Luna be realized? Don’t miss it!



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