Tom Hardy is targeted to play as Jafar in Live Action Aladdin


Aladdin live action movie directed by Guy Ritchie continues to find the right star to portray the characters in it. One that the Disney movie production team is approaching is Tom Hardy.

Reports say, Tom is targeted to portray the evil character Jafar. Guy reportedly contacted the 39-year-old actor to offer the role.

“Guy is a fan of Tom’s work and getting him is a great achievement. There is already a chat and although nothing has been achieved and everything can change, he is clearly one of Guy’s main choices, “said a source to The Sun.

But, even though he was desperate to get the Mad Max star, Guy might have to come up with a backup plan because Tom’s schedule is very crowded right now. Tom is already scheduled to star in Spin-Man spin-off, Venom, Sony’s production.

“It depends on the schedule and whether he can be contracted,” said the source.

Tom is not the only person associated with the film at the moment. Previously, Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix was in negotiations to portray Princess Jasmine-though her involvement in the film could disrupt the band’s activities.

“Jasmine is a perfect role for Jade, so she is very happy to be following this process so far. The negotiations are already under way. And, the longer this process runs, the better the chances are. All the Little Mix personnel are praying for him because they always support each other. But, they also realize that it will be a big commitment. Jade will need time for this film for months, and that’s before the promotion of this movie begins. So this week they sat together from their dance tour and talked about what they would do if Disney decided to sign Jade. It was a pretty emotional chat. But, they all agree that they will try to ease him with the Little Mix commitment. It will not be easy, but so far as possible, that’s what they want, “said the source.

Will Smith is also expected to join the film to play the role of Jin (The Genie). Previously, he was involved in negotiations to join Dumbo’s live action, which was based on a classic fairy tale about a large-eared elephant learning to fly in a circus. Unfortunately, this negotiation failed. Aladdin will start filming in the UK in the summer of this year.



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