Want to Dress Up Beautiful Gal Gadot? Try 6 Tips Here!


Gal Gadot is growing in popularity for her role in the Wonder Woman movie. Acting as Diana Prince, Gal Gadot is increasingly attract the attention of the world especially because of its beauty.

Inspired by the beautiful look of Gal Gadot? Here are some make-up tricks that can be tried, as reported by PureWow, Friday (6/15/2017).

Primer and Foundation

Before applying make-up, be sure to apply moisturizer and primer. Both of these can make the look of a smoother makeup. Then, continue with the use of powder.

Use contour technique

Choose a color contouring darker than the original skin color, at least one to two colors.

Monochrome display

The parts of the face that are important to be colored are the cheeks and lips. When in doubt, use peach lipstick. Give a warm impression, this color is good for every skin color of everyone.

Focus on the eyebrow

When you’ve seen the movie, you will certainly be fascinated with the form of Miss Israel eyebrow this 2004. Well, you can shape it using an eyebrow pencil and gel.

Glossy face makeup

Gal Gadot often wear glossy make-up. Gal Gadot apply lip gloss to the center of the lower lip, so that his lips look fuller.

Experiment with eye makeup

For eye makeup, Gal Gadot uses a mixture of browns and plums that accentuate the inside corner of the eye.



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