Jennifer Connelly Take the Main Role of Serial Snowpiercer


The Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly is certain to be playing in a TV series adaptation of Scott Derrickson’s Snowpiercer. The beautiful actress will be acting as a first class passenger in the series of Bong Joon-ho’s writings.

The film that was released in 2013 ago is critically acclaimed is a brilliant post-apocalyptic story. The film tells of class war and survival in a cold and hostile world, where humanity has been reduced to the fast-paced boundaries of railways that surround the glacial world, with a tight class-based system in other human survival on board the Snowpiercer . Therefore, the film will be serialized in the near future, actress Jennifer Connelly joined the series.

Scott Derrickson, a director of the film Doctor Strange, has been confirmed to direct and produce an hour-long TV pilot based on the film with Hamilton actor Daveed Diggs who is already in a role as a train prisoner and Jennifer Connelly who will serve as a first-class passenger .

Jennifer Connelly will certainly play Melanie Cavill, an upscale individual who is interested in lower-class life. Here’s a brief description of the Oscar-nominated actress’s role: “Melanie Cavill, First Class passenger working as Voice of the Train – is responsible for making daily announcements about her PA system. Although many in his VIP position underestimated lower-class passengers, Melanie was very interested in them “.

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly, who became famous through The Labyrinth has never appeared again on the show since 2000. She is active in the big screen drama that made her name soar for the success of an Oscar through the film Blood Diamond and A Beautiful Mind.

She won the Best Supporting Actress and also won the Golden Globe and BAFTA Award for her brilliant performance. So the appearance of Jennifer in the series Snowpiecer on the screen is expected to boost the image and success in broadcast later. While the Snowpiecer series itself is not yet certain when the release date and where it will also be broadcast.


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