Casual Style Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s Daughter) Beautiful & Stylish!


Kaia Gerber. Inherited the charm of the mother’s beauty, Cindy Crawford’s daughter was also plunged into the world of modeling.

The girl who debuted in Young Versace is also now more popular and loved by many fans. It’s all because of the beautiful face, body killer, foot ladder, and also the fashion sense it has.

Talk about the taste of fashion, Kaia is always trying to always look perfect in every opportunity. Even while dressing up casual and casual, this 15-year-old girl still pay attention to her appearance.

For example, when she appeared in Malibu on Tuesday (13/6) ago. That’s where the camera managed to capture a paparazzi a scene that is stealing attention when Kaia appeared with a very stylish style.

Casual Style Kaia Gerber

On her casual days, this beautiful brunette-haired girl is paying attention to her looks with extras. No wonder if the asphalt road seemed suddenly turned into a runway where she can waltz with so beautiful.

At the time, Kaia was wearing bodysuit, baggy pants, sneakers, hats and backpacks of the Louis Vuitton brand. Apparently she just fill her spare time by spending an exciting moment with one of her friends.


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