Dave Grohl Invites The Princess Duet on Stage ‘Foo Fighters’


In the middle of the Foo Fighters show at the Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland, Friday (6/16), the band from the United States was a special guest. Surprisingly Dave Grohl invited the Harper (8) princess to join her band on stage.

As he welcomed the princess, Grohl told the audience that her daughter was back some time asking to be taught to play Drums.

“I told her ‘do you want me to teach you?’ She replied ‘yes’. Then I asked, ‘are you present in front of 20 thousand people in Iceland and play it?’, She also answered ‘yes’, “he said.

Harper who came out from backstage was immediately greeted. Unabashedly, Harper was immediately replaced Taylor Hawkins position as drummer and bring the song We Will Rock You Queen.

“This song is the first one he learned while playing drums,” Grohl told the audience.

On the other hand, Dave Grohl recently became the spotlight after sending a touching message to a husband of fans of Foo Fighters who died after cancer.

Like the Devon Live report, Laura Plane died after fighting for eight years over the disease and was relentlessly campaigning against cancer and raising funds for social activities. Laura and her husband are known to be big fans of the Foo Fighters group.

Not just dancing to the accompaniment of Everlong songs at their wedding, the couple had originally planned to watch the Foo Fighters concert at the Glastonbury Festival later as a celebration of their ten-year marriage.

The stories of both are uploaded to the internet and become viral. This intangible desire from Laura got immediate attention from Grohl.





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