Transformers: The Last Knight, The Last Transformers Movie For The Director Michael Bay


Michael Bay will again present an exciting battle between Autobot and Decepticon in the follow-up series Transformers fifth movie. “Transformers: The Last Knight” will be the fifth film Bay as well as his last movie as a Transformers movie director.

The new star of the film, Isabela Moner promised fans a last sensation. According to Moner, Bay and Wahlberg made the film different.

“This is the last one, Michael Bay has promised that, so I got my life back,” Wahlberg said.

Moner portrays the Izabella character, one of several additional new figures in the Transformer. In addition there are also figures Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson who plays a role in the film will be aired June 21, 2017.

source : IMDB

This film will present a fierce battle between the Autobot led Optimus Prime and Decepticon led by Megatron. The film tells the story of Cade Yeagar, his daughter and his lover and the Autobots who are fighting to protect the nations from destruction.

While Optimus Prime searches the entire galaxy about who created it. Unicorn plans to destroy the earth to force the Bumbelbee-led Autobot to work with mankind to survive the expansion of the Unicorn to Earth. And look forward to the return of Optimus Prime to Earth to fight once again lead Autobot against Unicorn.

The Transformer plan will make 14 films, including various sequels, prequel and spinoffs. The franchise has a long cinematic future.



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