30 Trendy Summer Nail Colors and Designs to Wear This Season


Leave the black and red colors on your nail coloring. Nail color trends in the summer began to turn to bright colors. Summer is synonymous with bright and bright sun. Because of that the mainstay colors of summer also adjust to the colors of nature.

Yellow can be an option for this season. The yellow color will look fun when combined with the right clothes. For example, choose an orange color that is glossy or matte. Your summer-style appearance is even more complete.

For those of you who have a simple personality, choose a nude or cream color for your nails. The color is very suitable to be combined with any clothing. Your appearance will become more elegant and elegant with that color.

Blue can be another choice in style. Likewise with your nails, blue is very sexy when worn. Give a little glitter over blue paint, nails look sexy and tempting.

Change bold colors like red, pink fuschia and black with sweet pastel colors. Pastel colors are not only suitable for those who are feminine, but you are also a tomboyish person. Choose pastel green and purple pastel to make your appearance more exciting.

Here are some interesting ideas for you. Which one is suitable for you?


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