15 Smokey Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes And Blonde Hair Ideas


One of the beauty trends that has never died is the smokey eye. Do you know this eye makeup style?

Smokey eye never goes out because there are so many fans who faithfully apply eye makeup with a touch of dark colors to date. But, do you know that the smokey eye has actually become a trend in the world of beauty?

Nowadays you use Kohl eyeliner to emphasize the eyes, in the past black eyeliner was not only used to beautify the eyes but also to protect the eyes from the dangers of insect infections, premature aging and also protect the eyes from what is called sun exposure. So, don’t be surprised if men and children in the past also used eyeliner to protect their eyes. So unique, how come this smokey eye trend started?

the following smokey eye ideas can make your inspiration look more charming, let’s see:

The smokey eye trend itself began to boom in the 1920s among the Egyptians. At that time, the process of making a smokey eye was really very simple. Starting from the Kohl eyeliner that is blended to the petals and also the folds of the eyes using gray or brown eyeshadow.


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