7 Super Cool Sneakers From Japan for Sneakerheads


Star emblem canvas shoes have mastered the world of sneakers market. Some other brands that become favorites also come from typical sportsman products such as shoes with three lines and check marks.

For sneakerhead, now Japanese manufacturers have started to pay attention and get a heart because they have high quality and cool design.

Previously it was discussed in great detail about Yohji Yamamoto who successfully collaborated with Adidas. In addition, Japan keeps other sneakers that are less cool, you see.

Shoes like pottery gained popularity thanks to a very unique vulcanization or ka ryu process
Shoes Like Pottery gained popularity thanks to a very unique vulcanization or ka-ryu process. (Photo: by Shoes Like Pottery)

For this process, each shoe is baked in the furnace, like pottery, to vulcanize the rubber sole. This creates soft and flexible soles unlike other shoes. Sneakers also appear with fabrics that are hand-sewn and assembled by expert craftsmen, ensuring that no two pairs are exactly the same.

Losers sneakers
Losers sneakers. (Photo: Losers)

The LOSERS brand began in 1975. Their aim was to create designs that fit the taste of ‘Iki’, a concept of beauty and perseverance that is unique in Japan. For this company, LOSERS or losers are not insults but a source of pride. His philosophy, a loser must have confidence in himself to move forward. This sneakers remains true to Japanese traditional aesthetics. For example, their color schemes are based on “48 brown and 100 gray” from the Edo period, colors that are commonly used by people.

Onitsuka tiger white sneakers
Onitsuka tiger white sneakers. (Photo: by. Onitsuka Tiger)

Before ASICS, it was Onitsuka Co., which was named after its inventor, Kihachiro Onitsuka. Initially Onitsuka only produced basketball shoes. In 1977, this brand rebranded as ASICS, but their vintage line continued to be carried on the Onitsuka Tiger label. ASICS / Onitsuka Tiger brand is one of the oldest shoe companies in Japan. They made shoes since 1949.

RFW Tokyo Spring/Summer
RFW Tokyo Spring/Summer. (Photo: by. RFW Tokyo)

RFW Tokyo is a label that must be looked at next. The owner, Takashi Kanokogi started his brand since 1998, after learning how to make shoes in London. This simple RFW design is loved by men and women of all ages.

Mizuno shoes casual sneakers
Mizuno shoes casual sneakers. (Photo: by. Mizuno)

Mizuno labels are already popular in the area of sportswear fashion. Mizuno started his first store in 1906 in Osaka. Initially only a shop selling goods from the West, but a few years later they began selling their own athletic items, including sneakers.

Hender Scheme manual industrial products sneaker shoe
Hender Scheme manual industrial products sneaker shoe.(Photo: by Hender Scheme)

Hender Scheme is a brand of sneakers based in Tokyo, Japan made by Ryo Kashiwazaki. All Hender Scheme shoes are made of raw leather, so that each shoe can be different from each other, depending on how someone wears it. But these sneakers are quite expensive, because this brand uses high-grade leather for the shoes.

Y3 high top sneakers
Y3 high top sneakers. (Photo: by. Y3)

Yohji Yamamoto, a legendary Japanese designer, is the owner of this brand. Yohji Yamamoto created the idea of making athletic shoes with a casual touch. He had previously collaborated with Adidas to create the Adidas Y-3 line. All shoes look slim and most use basic white and black colors.


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