How to Apply Natural Makeup for Beginners: 7 Steps


Today’s natural makeup has indeed become a beauty trend and this is much liked. Natural makeup can make someone look attractive without being overly impressed. This type of makeup can also make you look younger, you know!

Even though it looks simple, it turns out applying natural makeup also has special techniques and tricks. If it’s not done properly, you will look pale like no makeup

Steps to apply natural make-up

For those of you who are learning makeup and want to learn the stages of makeup, natural makeup is one of the best choices to try. Take it easy, a natural make-up tutorial that turns out to be quite simple and simple. Follow the 7 steps to apply the following natural makeup.

Before starting makeup, clean your face before starting to apply makeup. Get used to before makeup to clean your face from dust and dirt. When applied to a dirty face your makeup doesn’t last long and easily wears off, you know! It’s not beautiful that you are busy touching up.

Step 1 how to apply natural makeup for beginners
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1. Keep the face moist with a moisturizer

Creating the right foundation before applying make-up is very important. Especially when trying natural make-up for beginners, using a moisturizer or facial moisturizer should not be missed because it will help make the skin moister so that the skin is protected and make-up is perfectly attached. Even for those who have oily skin, it’s important to apply moisturizer before starting to dress up. It’s just that, make sure to choose a moisturizer with water-based ingredients or provide a mattifying effect.

Step 1 keep the face moist with a moisturizer

2. Applying Concealer

Don’t worry if your face isn’t completely smooth. There is a mainstay weapon that can be used to cover black stains and uneven colors on the face, namely concealer. This little one is indeed one of the keys when applying simple simple make-up steps. You should choose a concealer with a color similar to skin color to help cover black spots on your face. The procedure is to apply concealer with a brush so that your natural make-up results are more evenly distributed. Use a lighter colored concealer as a highlight without being famous for being excessive.

Step 2 how to apply concealer

3. Light Foundation

In natural make-up for beginners, avoid using a foundation with a color that is too bright from your skin. When you are still learning natural makeup, as much as possible choose a good foundation that is close to the original color of the skin to get a natural look. For natural or natural make-up, you can also use foundation in the form of a powder that is lighter than a cream-shaped foundation. When applying foundation, use a brush or sponge so that the coverage is more even.

Step 3 how to apply natural makeup for beginners light foundation

4. Applying Powder

Learning simple natural make-up is indeed incomplete without applying powder. Simply apply powder to the oily face area, such as the nose, forehead, and chin area. Whereas for dry areas there is no need to add powder. As much as possible, choose a powder whose color matches the color of the skin for a natural look.

Step 4 how to apply natural makeup for beginners applying powder

5. Blush on

To highlight the fresh impression on the face, the use of blush on is very required. For simple natural make-up, choose a blush with natural colors like pink and coral for bright or orange facial skin for brown skin. Apply blush on the cheekbones then flatten it with a brush. If it’s too thick, you can disguise it with powder.

Step 5 how to apply natural makeup for beginners blush on

6. Eye Shadows

One of the most important natural make-up tips for beginners is using the right eye shadow. Choose eye shadow with a brown one or two tones older than your skin color. Avoid choosing colors that are too dark because it will create a dramatic impression that is far from the characteristics of natural make-up.

Step 6 how to apply natural makeup for beginners eye shadow

7. Lipstick

The lip part is also one of the keys in natural makeup. To highlight the impression of natural make-up and lightness, choose a lipstick with nude colors like pink, peach, or nude. If you are confident enough without lipstick, you can also only use lip gloss as a finishing touch.

Step 7 how to apply natural makeup for beginners natural lipstick
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For natural make-up use, you don’t need to use mascara which will give a heavy impression on the eyes. Natural make-up like this is perfect for everyday activities that will make your face flawless and charming.

A simple and simple natural make-up tutorial doesn’t feel enough without a quality skin care product.



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