Here’s How to Wear the Right Eyeshadow!


If you are already skilled at applying make-up, dressing up is an exciting activity to do. However, to use eyeshadow in the eyelid area, it turns out there are still many women experiencing difficulties. Don’t worry and don’t need to feel inferior. The application of make-up in this section tends to be more tricky than using make-up in other areas of the face. If one determines the composition of colors, eye makeup may look messy or look excessive. Of course, this should be avoided as much as possible, right?

Although applying eyeshadow requires special skills, it does not mean you cannot master it. Come on, follow the way to wear eyeshadow below so that your makeup on your eyelids is maximal.

Use only one color if you still have difficulty combining colors

A combination of two colors or more can provide a stronger eyeshadow color effect. However, if you still have difficulty in determining the color combination and have not mastered the mixing technique, then the easiest way to wear eyeshadow that you can try is to daub only one color first.

Use matte color as a base and blend

Now, after you are ready to use more than one color, then how to use the next eyeshadow is to choose a matte color as the first color or base color, then mix with darker colored eyeshadow in the folds and outermost corners of the eye. If you feel the color is still less visible, re-apply one or two more times in that section.

In addition to matte colors, you can also use shimmer colors. Most importantly, blend until the color blends perfectly. The blending technique itself is a technique to unite colors to look beautiful using the help of a clean brush.

Choose a natural color

If you are not used to using eyeshadow, but ‘play’ immediately with bold colors, your appearance may look excessive. Eyeshadow colors that are too dominant can actually damage your makeup. For that, you should choose natural colors such as chocolate or peach in the early days of learning to use eyeshadow.

Use a small brush for the lower eye

Eyeshadow that is applied in the right way makes the eyes look bigger. To get that effect, apply eyeshadow to the lower eye by relying on a small brush. This small brush will also help you to apply eyeshadow with more precision so that the end result looks neater.

Use fingertips

The following way to wear eyeshadow is suitable if you are in a hurry. Just use your fingertips. Take a little product with your fingertips, then smooth it on the eyelids with a gentle patting motion. Avoid rubbing movements so that eyeshadow and other makeup are not erased.

Practice often using eyeshadow

How to use this one eyeshadow requires intention and consistency. Especially if you are still a beginner and want to be able to immediately experiment with various colors. To be more enthusiastic about practicing, you can buy an eyeshadow palette in which there are many color choices. Try to mix and match the colors you want.

How to apply eyeshadow like a pro beginners tips, tricks & hacks!
How to Apply Eyeshadow Like a PRO: Beginners Tips, Tricks & Hacks! (via YouTube)

HI Ladies, that’s how you wear eyeshadow that you can try. Hopefully, by following the methods above, you can make your eyeshadow look and your eye makeup become more perfect.



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