5 Minutes Of Simple Makeup In The Morning


After waking up, do a little meditation. Then, start to take a bath, clean your hair, apply makeup to breakfast. That is the activity every morning that we dream of.

But in fact, every morning is the beginning of a busy day. All become completely in a hurry, such as applying makeup while having breakfast or preparing the needs of school children. Even some people use makeup when they are in the vehicle. Seeing the super dense morning routine, we certainly need precise tips to apply makeup quickly in minutes. How to?

Reporting from health.com, the first thing to be prepared is of course, prepare a makeup bag at the dresser, because looking for makeup bags will take a lot of time. When at night, choose the makeup you want to use for the morning. Make sure makeup tools such as eyelash curlers or brushes are available at the dressing table.

After a clean face, the thing that must be used is a moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, or BB cream. The following are recommendations for makeup products that make makeup in a flash:

1. Base

Choose multipurpose products such as in one order have selected SPF, BB cream, and foundation so that your makeup is faster. Products like this are suitable for Fimela’s super busy friends.

2. Concealer

The must-have makeup item is a concealer that can hide melting under the eyes or can cover imperfections on the face.

3. Mascara

Look for a mascara that can make the face look long and volume just one stroke.

4. Blush

A little color on the cheek area makes the face brighter. You can use cream-based blush-on for natural results. Or you can also use color lipstick that can be used on the cheeks and lips, to shorten the time in applying makeup.

The following are ideas for natural makeup in the morning that you can make inspiration:


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