4 Step Of Basics Skincare You Should Know


4 step of basics skincare you should know

Many people think that skincare is very difficult to understand. I was also one of those who thought that, especially when I saw Korean skincare routines that could reach 10 steps with 10 different types of products. Not only that, there are still many that are reversed in the order to use toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen, so that I myself am also a confused part.

Actually you don’t need to bother applying a lot of skincare if it’s not needed by the skin. However, the following simple skincare is the most minimal step that should be done by everyone, regardless of the type and skin problem being experienced.


The meaning is very simple, which is to thoroughly clean the face. Do you mean complete? Completed means you have removed all the makeup and dirt that has been sticking since the morning. Maybe you are tired of hearing advice about cleansing your face properly, but most breakout cases occur because the process of facial cleansing is not optimal. Makeup and skincare products such as foundation, BB cream, sunscreen or moisturizer (especially oil-based ones) must be thoroughly cleaned so that it does not settle into the pores.

Facial foam
Facial foam (Source: pnterest.com)

Cleaning the face is usually done morning and night. For the morning you just wash your face using facial wash or just swipe with toner. But for the night you have to do double cleansing. The principle of double cleansing is to clean your face in two steps: the first step with first cleanser which is usually oil-based (oil based) and the second step with water-based second cleanser. The oil-based cleanser can take the form of milk cleanser, oil cleanser and balm cleanser while the water-based cleanser is a facial wash which in Indonesia is also widely available in the market. Doesn’t dry face washed in two steps like that? Absolutely not. Instead our skin will be really clean and healthy. The key must be to choose the right cleanser and not contain SLS. Just choose which cleanser that fits to your skin most and let the product cleanse the dirt away!

Cleansing oil
Cleansing oil (Source: cosmo.com)


The toner is divided into two: exoliating and hydrating toner. Exfoliating toner works to remove dead skin cells. This exfoliating dries the skin because it contains exfoliating agents such as AHA, BHA, PHA, etc. After dead skin cells are removed, the moisture must be returned again. This is where the hydrating toner functions. My advice for beginners is to use hydrating first as an introduction to the skin. If this basic skincare is diligent and regular, new exfoliating toner can be added.

Exfoliating toner
Exfoliating toner (Source: calyxta.com)
Hydrating toner
Hydrating toner (Source: labmuffin.com)


If you have dry skin type and use a moisturizer with gel texture, the texture is not enough to moisturize your skin because the moisturizer gel is lighter and is intended for oily skin. If your skin is oily, moisturizers that are too creamy or oil-based are also at risk of causing breakouts. Oily skin also needs to be moisturized, because precisely the skin that produces excessive sebum is a sign of dehydrated skin. But be careful not to over-moisturize because excessive moisturizing will actually clog pores.

Moisturizer for oily skin
Moisturizer for oily skin (Source: pinterest.com)v

Moisturizer must be used in the morning and evening. In the morning, the order is before the sunscreen, while at night, the moisturizer is the last product you use before going to bed. For you with dry skin, choose an oil-based moisturizer to lock in hydration on the skin, while for oily skin, choose a water-based moisturizer to control oil. Sensitive skin, choose a moisturizer with basic ingredients that work to soften such as aloe vera, chamomile, or calendula.

Moisturizer for dry skin
Moisturizer For Dry Skin (Source: elle.com)


Hayo admit who never use sunscreen? This is the second sin besides not using a moisturizer that has a huge effect on the skin. Why is sunscreen important? Because sunscreen protects our skin from the bad effects of sunlight which can cause skin discolorations, dark spots, premature aging and even the most severe of it is skin cancer. Another interesting fact about sunscreen, it turns out that the best anti-aging is not serum, not eye cream or other skincare that claims to hold aging a few years longer. Do you want to know what the best anti aging product is? Yep, SUNSCREEN! So, it’s useless to buy sophisticated skincare that costs beat the price of a new motorbike if you still skip the sunscreen.

Sunscreen (Source: labmuffin.com)


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