Makeup Tips And Tricks For Summer


Makeup tips and tricks for summer

Summer is a time when sunlight will emit hot temperatures that will make us always sweat. This is certainly not liked by women, who like to apply a touch of makeup on the face. Makeup on the face may melt or fade when the sun is stinging and when the skin sweats.

Sweat on the face can make the skin become sticky and look greasy. Foundation and powder fade, so that even face makeup becomes uneven and ‘messy’. Have you ever experienced this makeup tragedy?

Well, if you feel lazy, you have to re-do makeup, no need to worry. When the weather is hot, you have to lock the makeup you use to stay durable. Check out the tips below to help your makeup stay long despite the hot weather.

Make sure the face is clean before using makeup

Before applying makeup, make sure your face is clean. Cleansing your face from oil and dust will help skincare and makeup to stick perfectly and last longer. You can clean your face with a face wash or cleanser. And make sure use products that match your skin type. facial foam
Facial Foam (Source:

Use oil-free moisturizers

Moisturizer can make your skin look fresh all day. For hot weather it is recommended to use an oil-free moisturizer so that the face does not look too oily. And use it on the face in the morning before applying makeup. Remember, check the product you are going to use and make sure it matches your skin type. And make sure your moisturizer is equipped with SPF content, so that your skin is protected throughout the hot day.

Theskincareeditcom oil free moisturaizer
Oil-Free Moisturizer (Source:

Apply sunscreen

Before using a variety of makeup products, make sure to wear sunscreen first, especially in summer. Sunscreen is very useful to ward off UV rays from the sun which is very dangerous for the skin. Use a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen and have PA ++ content. sunscreens
Sunscreens (Source: )

Choose a lightweight primer

Primer is an adhesive that functions to help makeup stick to the skin longer. If you want a long-lasting and long-lasting makeup, this is a must-have product for you to wear.
When choosing a primer, make sure you choose a primer that gives the effect of healthy and glowing skin. Choose primers that can control sebum production and choose those with light textures because they don’t burden you. primers
Primers (Source:

Light base makeup

So that you look maximum in hot weather, use a foundation with water based. This type of foundation will help you look less heavy and stay durable and make you comfortable. If you don’t really need foundation you can replace it with BB Cream or cushion which has a lighter texture than foundation. summer foundation
Summer Foundation (Source: bb creams
BB Creams (Source:
Herstylecode.comcushion compacts
Cushion Compacts (Source:

Use powder

Make sure you use powder. The most important step for long-lasting makeup, brush the powder in the T-zone to lock the base makeup application. setting powders
Setting Powders (Source: )

Waterproof makeup

For longer-lasting makeup, use waterproof makeup. Especially for eyeliner and mascara, make sure to use eyeliner and waterproof mascara to avoid makeup to sweat. while for eyeshadow, use as little as possible use eyeshadow if it is not really needed. besides that, choose a matte eyeshadow. Eyeshadow with Shimer will only make your makeup look heavy.

Eyeshadow palette
Eyeshadow Palette (Source: waterproof mascaras
Waterproof Mascaras (Source: eyeliner
Eyeliner (Source:

Cream blush and cream highlighter

Choose blush with cream texture rather than powder, because blush cream is more sticky when dry and lighter. as well as highlighter, choose highlighter cream. Apply before using powder. cream blushes
Cream Blushes (Source: cream highlighters
Cream Highlighters (Source:

Setting spray

This is a finishing stage that cannot be missed. Spray settings are useful for coating makeup so it does not fade easily when exposed to liquids.
After your makeup is done, perfect it with the spray setting. This will give the makeup a matte look and prevent the makeup from caking due to the hot sun. In addition, always bring face mist to keep your face fresh all day. makeup setting sprays
Makeup Setting Sprays (Source:


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