Attend New York Fashion Week, Gigi Hadid & Tyler Cameron Unwilling To Take Photos Together


The love affair between Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron is somewhat new, but this couple seems to be quite serious in having love. Evidently, Gigi has even introduced Tyler to his family.

Not just a rumor, the paparazzi camera even took time to capture Tyler Cameron at the funeral of Gigi Hadid’s grandmother in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Gathering with her boyfriend’s extended family, Tyler tries to clear the schedule and ease her lover’s grief.

Coming home from there, Gigi and Tyler finally fulfilled the invitation to attend the 2019 New York Fashion Week event which was held on Sunday (8/9). But apparently, they decided to come apart when they arrived at the event venue, Apollo Theater, Harlem.

Tyler Cameron casual grooming

Tyler cameron casual grooming

Attending this prestigious fashion event, Tyler Cameron decided to groom more casual and relaxed. He made his choice on a short sleeve shirt, jeans, and sneakers.
Although dressed casually like this, he was still manly and handsome while showing off his macho muscular body. Unfortunately, Gigi Hadid unwilling to pose together on the red carpet.

Gigi Hadid poses with Bella

Gigi hadid poses with bella

Instead of an intimate pose with the star of THE BACHELORETTE, Gigi Hadid chose to take a photo with Bella Hadid. The pair of siblings look harmonious in shades of gray and metallic. The impression of stylish high fashion is felt from its appearance.

It is very unfortunate, despite coming together to the red carpet event, Gigi and Tyler seem not ready to debut together at a special event like this. Could they not want to expose their relationship status to the public and the media? What do you think?


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