How To Wear The ’90s Inspired Style In A Modernly


The fashion industry this year often invites us to flashback to trends in previous years. 90s style is one style that has become the inspiration for fashion trends this year. There are many other 90s fashion items that are also trending again this year.

The ’90s style has influenced fashion for the last two decades, and it’s not hard to spot those trends on today’s runways or on street style photos. If you’re a fan of the 90s, but do not want to be outdated on your fashion style, read on for our styling guidelines that both embody and modernize the fashion of the decade.

Overall, choker and denim are examples of clothes that you can wear as inspiration for the 90s style. You just need to mix and match the three with other clothes. Want to know an example? Check out the following inspirations:

Mix overall with a t-shirt for a casual look

Overall is the first outfit you must have to create a 90s style. You can combine it with a T-shirt for a casual look. After that, don’t forget to add basic sneakers and round frame glasses to make it more classic. You can apply this OOTD to go on a trip or vacation.

Flared jeans for a feminine and classic look

You must know, right, that the cut-pants from Bray were really trending in its era? Pants with wide pieces at the bottom are also made of jeans called flared jeans. The development in terms of cuts and hip makes these pants can be used to create two styles, classic and feminine.

Boyish style with tartan shirt

Tartan shirt is also commonly referred to as a flannel shirt with a characteristic plaid. This shirt is one of the 90s style identities that still exists today. You can match Tartan shirts with jeans to create a casual boyish style.

Vintage skirt for feminine style

Want to look feminine with 90s style? You can wear a vintage skirt that is always successful to make it look 90s era. There are many vintage skirts to choose from, one of which is a floral skirt. The material also varies, from suede to twill. You can mix this kind of skirt with a T-shirt, plain shirt, or sweater, depending on the taste you have.

Other 90s style



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