The 2019 Fall Hair Color Trend That Made Your Day


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Preparing for fall, has it occurred to you to change appearance? No need to change the appearance of a hassle. Just change the hair color for a new look in the new season.

Fall is the time for trends, both in the world of fashion and beauty, to change. For the world of beauty, one of the dominant ones is hair color! By just changing hair color, you also have a different style. So simple, right? Want to know what colors are stylish to make your look even cooler? Here are the choices. Approximately, which one will you try? From the site, here are some hair color recommendations for fall 2019.

Copper Velvet

Copper color is indeed too ‘ordinary’ to fall, but after it is combined with cooper color highlights it is one of the colors that is most interested in fall 2019. Besides that, the copper color also seems luxurious so it can enhance your appearance in an instant. but it must be remembered that a professional touch is needed to make this copper color look ‘luxurious’ combined with the correct highlights.

Copper velvet long hair source
Copper velvet long hair (source:
Copper velvet short hair source
Copper velvet short hair (source:
Metalic copper red source
Metalic copper red (source:

Smoky Pink

Don’t be afraid to choose pink as a hair color. Now pink can be combined with other colors so it doesn’t look too ‘flashy’. Smoky pink makes pink not too flashy to use. In addition, the smoky pink color can also be used for various ages, not only for young children, but the smoky pink color can also be used for those of you who are ‘adults’. Or you can combine pink with ash, so that it becomes ash pink. This color is not too flashy and can be used on all skin tones. or the color of dusty pink is also very suitable for fall.

Smoky pink long hair source loreal
Smoky pink long hair (source: loreal
Smoky pink short hair source
Smoky pink short hair (source:
Smoky pink source
Smoky pink (source:


Ash is still one of the colors that are in demand these years. Likewise, for this year’s fall, ash is still the choice of many people to become a hair color. Ash can be combined with several colors, but the most popular color is the beautiful smoky ash or with another name ‘charcoal milkshake’ which creates a bright silver color with a dark tone at the base of the hair. In addition, ash brown is also still a lot of choices, especially in a fall like this. Ash brown is very suitable as a hair color.

Ash milkshake hair color source
Ash milkshake hair color (source:
Ash milkshake long hair source the
Ash milkshake long hair (source: the
Ash milkshake short hail source
Ash milkshake short hail (source:
Ash brown balayage hair color
Ash brown balayage hair color (source:
Ash brown short hair source
Ash brown short hair (source:
Blended ash bronde
Blended ash bronde (source:

Chocolate Mauve

Chocolate Mauve, the name for the rainbow chocolate brunette version. The use of these two colors with balayage technique will produce colors that are suitable for all skin tones, both those that have cool tones and warm tones.

Chocolate mauve hair color saurce
Chocolate mauve hair color (source:
Chocolate mauve hair colors source
Chocolate mauve hair colors (source:
Chocolate mauve short hair color source
Chocolate mauve short hair color (source:


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