20 Choices Of Long Button Skirts That Make You Look More Fashionable


Although pants are often a simple choice for women, there is nothing wrong if you occasionally use a skirt. Button skirts can be an inspiration for the style of the 90s. Newfangled A-line skirt with a length above the knee gives a feminine impression typical of earlier times. For clothes, you can wear a turtle neck sweater or a polka-dot patterned blouse. You look cute!

Even though it is a long skirt, it does not mean you will always look girly every time you mix and match this long button skirt. You can get a variety of looks with a long button skirt which is again the following trend!


Denim on denim is still a trend, girls! If you use this technique, you will get a chic and youthful casual look. This display is suitable for hanging out with friends, even really cool for you who like OOTD! mix tees or T-shirts and denim jackets with denim long button skirts, then wear monochrome socks and ankle boots so you don’t overdo it!

Vintage Casual

At a glance, this look is the same as the casual style above. But, the difference is only with a vintage touch! For this casual vintage look, choose a long button skirt made from ‘old jeans’ in the style of the 80s. Pair with sweaters, vintage ankle boots and mini sling back matching. This look really supports when the weather is cold/rainy and you want to keep looking cool with warmer clothes.

Preppy Minimalis

If you like a neat and clean style but there is a slightly quirky touch, try mixing socks and sandals! Well, this time try to twist the whole look with a long button skirt. Mix long gray button skirt with a plain white shirt for a minimalist look. Do not forget to complete with socks, sandals, and backpacks that are all black.


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