Fashion Tips: The Right Way To Care For Tulle Material


Ruffle tulle skirt right now is trending. Tulle material itself is a kind of net fabric made of woven nylon which is smooth and lightweight. But if you take care of it wrong, it could be a skirt made of tulle will not last long you know, girls! Here we will provide tips on how to care for tulle material that is good and right.

1. Wash by hand

Because the material is easily damaged, try to wash the tulle material by hand. Washing it using your hands will reduce the chance that the material will tear. When washing it also use gentle detergents, such as detergents for baby clothes.

2. Tips if you have to wash it using a machine

If you have to wash the tulle material by machine or don’t have time to wash it by hand, follow these methods.

First, turn the inside of the skirt into the outside. This will prevent the color of the material from fading. Second, put clothes in the laundry bag. Put it in the laundry bag will ensure the material does not tear. Finally, use a mild detergent.

3. Do not dry with hot air

Dry the material by hanging it up and let it dry on its own. Hot air can make the tulle material to contract and become damaged. When hanging it, also use a clothes hanger.

4. Ironing only if needed

Ironing the tulle material if absolutely necessary. When ironing it also use the smallest heat settings. If the tulle material is only slightly contracted, simply spray with water and straighten the material by hand.

5. Store carefully

Avoid storing it with other materials that can damage the material, such as zippered jeans. Do not also store ingredients in a humid place.

In the following, we summarize some elegant and stunning tulle models to wear. let’s see right away!


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