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Short hairstyles ideas

Appearance is one of the most important things that must be guarded, especially women. One thing that is very influential on appearance is hairstyle.
Women’s short hairstyles are one of the most sought after hairstyles for women today, because this hairstyle is a trend or popular. By following the current hairstyle trends, of course it will greatly influence your appearance to make it even more attractive. Especially a few days ago Kim Kardashian cut her hair with the shortest cut so far.By changing your hairstyle, you will change your appearance drastically. So, do not have to choose a hairstyle that suits you. On this occasion we will give you some of the current hairstyles that can be your recommendation. For that, you need to listen carefully to the following discussion.

Layered Short Haircut

Women’s short haircuts that are most commonly found are short haircuts with a touch of layers to give a stylish effect. This one haircut is suitable for you who have full cheeks and can give a thin effect on the face.
In addition, this model is a short haircut that is the most difficult to manage and is suitable for you who want to look more ‘calm’.

1 layered blonde short haircut source
Layered blonde short haircut (source:
1 layered bob hairstyle source short
Layered bob hairstyle (source: short
1 layered short haircut source
Layered short haircut (source:
1 layered short haircut with ash brown color source
Layered short haircut with ash brown color (source:
1 messy layered short hairstyle source
Messy layered short hairstyle (source:

Bob Cut

This is the simplest model and can fit in any style and personality. For the first time you want to try short hair, this is the most recommended! You can try cutting shoulder length if you don’t dare to cut it to your ear. After that you can try a short haircut 5 cm above the shoulder. This appearance has a flat cut at the ends of the hair. You can bangs to give the impression ‘sharp’, or sweet. According to the face character.

2 asymmetrical bob hairstyle source
Asymmetrical bob hairstyle (source:
2 bob hairstyle cutting source
Bob hairstyle cutting (source
2 bob short hairstyle with bangs
Bob short hairstyle with bangs (source:
2 short bob hairstyle for thich hair source pophaircuts
Short bob hairstyle for thick hair (source:
2 short bob hairstyle source
Short bob hairstyle (source:

Wavy Short hair Cut

Haircut of this model are also suitable for you who still want to ‘try’ have short hair. The lower part is cut with a chop model to give a wavy impression so it looks sweet. To get this hairstyle, you can simply style your hair into curls by using a curling tool then comb it with your fingers. This haircut is suitable for you who have an oval face shape.

3 attractive short wavy hairstyles source the
Attractive short wavy hairstyles (source:
3 lovely wavy bob hairstyle source
Lovely wavy bob hairstyle (source:
3 popular short wavy hairstyle source
Popular short wavy hairstyle (source:
3 short wavy hairstyle for thick hair
Short wavy hairstyle for thick hair (source:
3 short wavy hairstyle with pretty light brown color source
Short wavy hairstyle with pretty light brown color (source:

Medium Short Hair

For those of you who want to appear with a short haircut but don’t want to be too extreme, you can try this simpler haircut. Simply cut shoulder-length hair, give a touch of volume, and add side bangs, this haircut can make you look more mature.

4 amazing medium short hairstyle source
Amazing medium short hairstyle (source:


4 medium length hairstyle source
Medium length hairstyle (source:
4 medium short hairstyle with bangs source short
Medium short hairstyle with bangs (source: short
4 mediun short hairstyle source
Medium short hairstyle (source:
4 short blonde hairstyle source
Short blonde hairstyle (source:

Pixie Hair Cut

Not only men who can try haircuts like this, in fact the women also like to replace their haircuts with pixie models. This short haircut is suitable for you who don’t like to appear complicated and want to always look cool. If this haircut model is more extreme than the bob model. For those of you who want a significant change, you can immediately try this one model.

5 chic pixie haircuts source
Chic pixie haircuts (source:
5 curly pixie hairstyle source
Curly pixie hairstyle (source:
5 pixie haircuts for thick hair
Pixie haircuts for thick hair (
5 short edgy pixie haircuts source
Short edgy pixie haircuts (source:
5 short pixie haircuts source bhg.cpm
Short pixie haircuts (source:


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