Various Types Of Jeans That You Must Know!


Jeans have become one of the important clothes in our daily wardrobe. Its durable and comfortable material makes it a favorite of every circle. Jeans itself was first discovered by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss in 1871. Wow, it’s been a long time?! But you already know the different types of jeans? Check here to get more understanding, let’s go!

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are the type of jeans that are most often found because many become a favorite choice of girls. Skinny jeans are a type of tight jeans with the right size and narrow at the tip of the foot. Using skinny jeans can also make our body look slimmer.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a type of jeans that cuts slightly loose on the thigh. Generally, boyfriend jeans will look loose when worn. Why is it called boyfriend jeans? Because this type of jeans is produced to look like wearing your boyfriend’s jeans, girls!

Mom Jeans

This type almost looks the same as Boyfriend Jeans, Mom Jeans are a type of jeans that are often worn in the 1980s. Mom Jeans are also usually equipped with high waisted top. Tips from us, fold the bottom of the Mom Jeans so that the shape of the legs look smaller.

Straight Jeans

Straight jeans are types of jeans that have pieces of the same size from the hips to the heels. This jeans model can also make the body look thinner.

Flared jeans

Flared jeans are commonly known as bell bottoms or cut bray pants. Flared jeans have a size that widens from the knees down. Flared jeans can be paired with sneakers to look casual.

Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans are a type of jeans that end at the ankles. This type of jeans is perfect for those of you who have a small body because it can make the body look taller. Pair cropped jeans with heels or sneakers for a more feminine look.



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