Simple And Elegant Christmas Day Outfit Ideas For Women


Welcoming Christmas, appearance is something that must be considered. Especially when you will go with your extended family or friends.
Christmas party is a time where everyone gathers, both young and old. How are your preparations?
Wear clothes that are simple and elegant. You can wear clothes with bright colors like red. Or if you are bored with red you can wear black with a grid to keep it in the Christmas shades. If you want something more elegant, you can add feather accents as accessories.
Women are very concerned with appearance, right? Both in terms of makeup to the style of clothing worn. Here are some inspirations for your Christmas outfit.

Princess coat

On special celebrations, you definitely want to be different on Christmas day. No need to be complicated, you can mix red princess coat with sweet skinny jeans. Or you can combine it with black leather leggings, to make it look sexy. Well, this type of coat is suitable for you who want to look simple but still elegant. Your simple feminine style is even more stunning with additional accessories. Don’t forget the makeup on your face to make it more charming.

Lonf princess coat with skinny source
Long princess coat with skinny
Princess coat with black leather skinny source
Princess coat with black leather skinny
Princess coat with skinny source
Princess coat with skinny


Do you want something super simple but not overdone? Celebrate Christmas with your family by wearing a red sweater or turtleneck. Look casual style wearing brightly colored turtlenecks and alloy plaid mini skirts make you look classic. To be more feminine and stunning, you can add gold hoop earrings. Your Cheryl’sredturtleneck will reflect a very warm and memorable Christmas atmosphere.

Red sweater and mini skirt with grid source fashionhombrecom
Red sweater and mini skirt with grid source:
Red sweater and mini skirt with grid source livingmybeststyle
Red sweater and mini skirt with grid source:

If the red sweater is too ordinary you can replace it with a cream or white color. Pair it with a black miniskirt with a rectangle and boots.

Cream sweater and black skirt with boot source 99bestoutfit com
Cream sweater and black skirt with boot source:
Cream sweater and black skirt with grid source pinterst com
Cream sweater and black skirt with grid source:


The next choice of outfit in order to appear simple and chic style, namely you can look semi-formal by wearing a bright red jumpsuit. Appearing charming and elegant on Christmas wearing a red jumpsuit is the right choice you know. Also complete matching accessories such as teardrop earring, chandelier or other types of earrings as needed.

Grid red jumsuit source moodflarecom
Grid red jumpsuit source:
Night velvet jumsuit source nastygalcom
Night velvet jumpsuit source:
Red jumsuit holiday party source oliviarinkcom
Red jumpsuit holiday party source:

Ruffle dress

Don’t hesitate to wear a red outfit with an outer one that gives a statement about your style on Christmas. So the right style to celebrate special moments is to use red ruffle dress. Choose cotton that is soft and comfortable when worn all day. Oh yes, you can add accessories such as gold bracelets on your wrist. While the choice of footwear such as high heels, wedges, moccasin, and slipper are the types of shoes that are suitable to match with your outfit.

Sweetheart red dress for chrishmas source dresses vipcouk
Sweetheart red dress for Christmas source:
Red dress with jeans outer source memmaclothcom
Red dress with jeans outer source:
Short red dress for christmas source remaselenacom
Short red dress for Christmas source:

Draped blazer

You don’t want to be complicated? Or lazy to combine various kinds of superiors and subordinates? It’s okay, calm. You can still celebrate Christmas and still look okay but not excessive, the right choice for your mood is to choose a bright red draped blazer.

This type of blazer is made of fallen fabric and you look formal but still charming. Appearing with DrapedBlazer will make your eyes focused on you, because this style you look more charisma and credibility.

Also mix-matching accessories. Don’t forget to use red lipstick to make it more fashionable. Performing standout on Christmas will certainly make the atmosphere more memorable.

Cute blazer christmas outfit source fivediscovercom
Cute blazer christmas outfit source:
Red draped blazer with jeans source luluscom
Red draped blazer with jeans source:
Red grid outer with black mini dress source fashionandfrillscom
Red grid outer with black mini dress source:


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