Summer Casual Work Outfit 2020


1. Monochrome outfit, with a white shirt and black pants gives a casual impression on your outfit. to offset the monochrome color, you can use high heels leopard print.

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2. Pleated skirt pair with matching colored shirts. Pleated skirt gives you freedom to move in the summer. Combine with nude colored high heels and add a flower-shaped necklace to support your appearance.

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3. Sleeveless shirts and printed skirts, sleeveless shirts will provide coolness during the summer. Pair with a printed skirt so that it still has a formal impression. Use high heels with a matching color with your bag.

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4. Plus size white skirt is the right choice for you in the summer. Pair with a silver printed pant. Wear a necklace as your outfit accessories.

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5. Blazer is still the right choice as an outfit for work. For summer outfits, choose a blazer with a lightweight material so it doesn’t make you hot. Also choose a blouse or T-shirt that can absorb sweat. Pair with your black trousers.

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6. You can also wear long cardigans. roll your cardigan sleeves so they don’t give the impression of being hot for a summer outfit. You can also wear skinny jeans to complete your outfit.

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7. T-shirts are the best choice for summer outfits. Choose a shirt with a slight accent on the sleeve so it does not give the impression of being too casual on your shirt. Pair with a printed skinny skirt with ribbon details on the front of your skirt.

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8. Culottes pants with white blouse and printed cardigan made from thin. Looks very comfortable to use for your summer work outfit. You can wear high heels to complete your outfit.

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9. If you are bored with high heels, you can wear your favorite flat shoes. Pair with black pants and sleeveless shirt.



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