Inexpensive And Unique, Summer Wedding Favor 2020


Marriage is a special moment where everything related must be carefully calculated. The growing style of wedding that is now coveted by millennials. In addition to thinking about concepts, decorations, catering, and invitations, you also need to think about what wedding favors should be given to invited guests present on your happy day.
Wedding favor which is a mandatory item at a wedding, you can also make your own you know! In addition, the price is also a consideration in choosing a wedding favor. Like some beautiful and cute wedding favors below, you can design yourself as you wish. And of course cheap and unique.

1. Herb, you can choose herbs as a wedding favor, besides being unique, herbs are also very useful.

Herb source tulamamacom
Herb source:

2. Pine tree, to participate in protecting the earth you can choose pine tree as a wedding favor. How many guests come, how many pine trees will be planted by guests. Of course it will be very good to protect the earth.

Pine tree source treejadadotfemalinedotru
Pine tree source:

3. Succulent plant, is one of the plants that is very easy to treat. If you have a succulent summer wedding can be the right choice as a wedding favor.

Succulents source tipsweddingplanningcom
Succulents source:

4. Plant seeds can also be a wedding favor for your summer wedding. You can provide several types of plant seeds, guests can choose which seeds they will bring.

Plant seeds source estycom
Plant seeds source:

5. You can also make cookies as a wedding favor, choose different flavors of cookies such as chocolate chips and salted caramel.

Cookies source estycom
Cookies source:

6. You can also give biscuits, choose the shape you like. Wrap it in a sweet package.

Cookies2 source wedluxecom
Pink Cookies source:

7. Macaron with a soft color is very suitable as a wedding favor for the summer. Choose transparent wrap so that the color of the macaroon can be exposed.

Macaroons source estycom
Macaroons source:

8. Enough with the mint candy box packaging that is written like this, it can be a wedding favor. In addition to the packaging, you can also choose mint with elongated packaging or a unit of mint that you wrap in a plastic bag with your name on it. Very unique

Mint to be source estycom
Mint to be wrap the box source:
Mint to be source etsycom
One Mint to be source:
Mint to be source pinterest
Long Wrap Mint to be source:

9. Glass is still an option as a wedding favor, you can choose various forms of glass or one type of glass. As usual, write your name and partner on the glass. Classic but very useful.

Glasses source weddingdotsoolencecom
mason Jar source:
Glasses source weddingplanningtipscom
Glasses source:

10. In addition to other wedding favor glass is still an option is a candle. You can choose the shape and color of the candle so it is not too monotonous.

Candle source somethingturquoisecom
Gradation Candle source:
Candle source weddingsbylaremicom
Candle source:

11. Candles with wooden edges, no need to bother but still look unique right?

Candle source estycom
Candles With Wooden Edges Source

12. Matchbox with your name and your partner can be an option if you are bored with candles and glasses.

Matches platingsanpairingscom
Matches In Bottle source:
Matches source:

13. Or as an alternative, you can choose a bottle opener as a wedding favor. Choose a simple form to reduce costs. Choose a quote to be carved into the bottle opener to give a more impression.

Bottle opener source beau coupcom
Bottle opener source:

14. Pencils can also be an option, very simple but still useful.

Pencil source weddingforwardcom
Pencil source:

15. Another unique wedding favor is bubble. It would be very nice for guests to play bubble together.

Buble sourcegift ideas wedding prosentanitimcom
Buble source:


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