Plus Size Summer Outfit Inspirations


Having a plus size body does not mean you insecure with your body. You can make it as your strengths. It all depends on how confident you are. To support self-confidence, of course outfit is very influential. Especially in the summer, the body sweats more easily. here are some inspirational outfits for those of you who have a body plus size.

1. You can use a jumpsuit, choose a jumpsuit with flowy material.

Off shoulder jumsuit source lolgalscom
Off shoulder jumsuit source:

2. You can also choose a jumpsuit with an off-shoulder model with long sleeves.

Off shoulder long sleeve source mixeddotwebsite
Off shoulder long sleeve source:

3. Or a black jumpsuit combined with a white tee, will look very sweet.

Black jumpsuit and white tee source lolgalscom
Black jumpsuit and white tee source:

4. Some types of skirts can also be an option for you. You can mix printed skirts with white tank tops.

Printed skirt source pinterestcom
Printed skirt with tank top source:

5. Printed skirt you can also mix with your favorite tee.

Printed skirt with t shirt source jasmindailycom
Printed skirt with t shirt source:

6. Other types of skirts such as pleated skirts you can also wear in summer. Pair with a white tee.

Plisket skirt wiht white tee source liveaboutcom
Pleated skirt with white tee source:

7. If you plan to travel to the beach this summer, you can wear a wrap skirt

Wrap skirt and white tee source outfitfashioncom
Wrap skirt and white tee source:

8. You can also still wear a dress, choose a dress with flowy material. You can choose a floral dress with v neck

V neck source ulabanacipedotgreat womensfashioncom
V-neck source:

9. You can also wear a sleeveless spaghetti strap dress with a high waistline.

Spaghetti strap dress source higigglecom
Spaghetti strap dress source:

10. If you are bored with flowers, you can wear a strip mini dress. pair with your favorite bag.

Strip dress source curatedbykirstencom
Strip dress source:

11. You also wear shorts, pair with denim jacket and tee.

Short and denim jacket source coffebeansandbobbypinscom
Short and denim jacket source:

12. Summer, of course you can still wear jeans. pair with a ruffle top.

Ruffle top and denim source juliamariebcom
Ruffle top and denim source:


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